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Wall Thermostats

It is estimated that there are over 150 million low voltage wall thermostats in use within the United States. Many of the wall thermostats you may encounter are no longer being manufactured. When selecting a thermostat for a new contruction or as a replacement, the following information and specifications of the application must be know.
1. Factory Model and/or Part Number
2. Application
  • Gas
  • Oil     
  • Electric     
  • Heat Pump
  • Electric     
  • Heat Pump     
  • Gas Air Cond.
      Heating & Cooling     
  • Any combincation of the above
  •      3. Voltage     
  • 24 volt     
  • Millivolt     
  • Line Voltage
    4. Heat Anticipated Range     
  • .18 to 1.0 Amps     
  • .5 to 1.5 Amps     
  • 2.0 Amps Fixed
    Matching Documents List for: Wall Thermostats
    Document NameDescription
    300 Series Non-ProgrammableSell Sheet
    300-201 Non ProgrammableSell Sheet
    300-203 Non ProgrammableSell Sheet
    300-227 ProgrammableSell Sheet
    300-229 ProgrammableSell Sheet
    800 Series Line VoltageSell Sheet
    8400-1/8401-1 Non-ProgrammableSell Sheet
    8405-1/8406-1 Non-ProgrammableSell Sheet
    8425-1 Non-ProgrammableSell Sheet
    8600-1/8601-1 ProgrammableSell Sheet
    8625-1 ProgrammableSell Sheet
    900 Series MechanicalSell Sheet
    9200 Series MechanicalSell Sheet
    9400/9401 Non-ProgrammableSell Sheet
    9405 Non-ProgrammableSell Sheet
    9415 Non-ProgrammableSell Sheet
    9420 Non-ProgrammableSell Sheet
    9500 Non-ProgrammableSell Sheet
    9505 Non-ProgrammableSell Sheet
    9520 Non-ProgrammableSell Sheet
    9550 Non-ProgrammableSell Sheet
    9555 Non-ProgrammableSell Sheet
    9560 Non-ProgrammableSell Sheet
    9600 ProgrammableSell Sheet
    9610 ProgrammableSell Sheet
    9615 ProgrammableSell Sheet
    9700i ProgrammableSell Sheet
    9701i2 and 9725i2 Deluxe ProgrammableSell Sheet
    9801i2 and 9825i2 Deluxe ProgrammableSell Sheet
    9851i ProgrammableSell Sheet
    9865i ProgrammableSell Sheet
    9870i ProgrammableSell Sheet
    9901i ProgrammableSell Sheet
    9915i ProgrammableSell Sheet
    9920i ProgrammableSell Sheet
    RS2110/RS2210 Non-Programmable Sell Sheet
    RS2110C/RS2210C Non-Programmable w/ FrenchSell Sheet
    RS3110/RS3210 Programmable Sell Sheet
    RS3110C/RS3210C Programmable w/ FrenchSell Sheet
    RS4110/RS4220/RS4320 Non-Programmable Sell Sheet
    RS4220C/RS4320C Non-Programmable w/ FrenchSell Sheet
    RS5110/RS5220 Programmable Sell Sheet
    RS5220C Programmable w/ FrenchSell Sheet
    RS6110/RS6220/RS6320 Programmable Sell Sheet
    RS6320C Programmable FrenchSell Sheet
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